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Marketing: Help them think of you

Marketing: Help them think of you

Q. How can I stay "in front" of customers while we are still social distancing? 

A. When you hear “stay in front of the customer,” you might first think of web and social media marketing tactics. True, these are important. You want customers to find you. But the best place to start is to leverage your expertise to “stay in front” of a patient’s pain points. 

In our last article, we discussed Harold, a new CPAP user, and suggested ways to build a relationship through tips and advice. Let’s take it a step further now.   

When you set up a new patient, you know not only what questions and pain points they’ll likely have, but also when. After all, you field these questions daily. You know when they might experience dry mouth, nose irritation or general discomfort. You know when maintenance and re-supplies should take place.  

Use that knowledge to develop an automated program.  

If Harold, Taylor and Robin are new CPAP patients, what should they know in the first, third, even sixth month? Send a couple recommendations every other week (not everything in one communication). Balance is crucial and helps the advice feel more personalized. Because remember, while the message might be automated, it should still be personalized. 

Email is a fine place to start, but don’t neglect text messages and, especially, mailers. Research shows brand recall is 70% higher for direct mail vs. digital ads. 

The key is to establish yourself as a partner in the patient’s compliance. This keeps you “in front” of the customer, growing trust, loyalty and future purchases. But it also shows your value as a provider. Discuss your program with referral sources in your area. They’re looking for a partner in compliance, too. So, the next time they have a patient in need of DME, they’ll think of you.  

Christina Throndson is business developer with Moxie & VGM OTS. Reach her at [email protected]


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