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Marketing: Offer solutions before they are needed

Marketing: Offer solutions before they are needed

Q. How can I maintain relationships with customers? 

A. Are you providing the information patients need to know after a purchase? It’s a question that businesses, especially in DME, need to consider. Patients rely on experts to tell them what to do, and if they’re not getting information from you, they’ll start looking elsewhere. Relationship building is vital for DMEs today, as we’ll learn in Harold’s story below.  

Harold has just become a CPAP user. You’ve given him the talk on machine use and care, but you know—especially with new patients—this is a lot to take in. You hand him a folder containing a brochure and flyers addressing common issues patients experience and tell him to reach out if he has any questions.  

A week later, you send him a postcard with tips for better sleep. Harold hasn’t been comfortable in bed since getting his CPAP, so he gives it a glance and makes a couple adjustments that night. He wakes up feeling more refreshed than he has in a long time.  

You email him about CPAP sanitation facts when a month passes. Harold, who has forgotten how to clean his machine, refers back to his folder and realizes he should buy supplies. He calls you to get what’s required.  

A strong, lasting relationship with patients forms when you help them get information they need. Be proactive and have an engaging follow-up plan that educates them. Mailers, flyers and brochures are great resources that patients will hold on to. You can also create blogs, videos and social posts for a constant stream of easily accessible information.  

By offering solutions before they’re needed, patients know they have an expert on their side. And when they have a pain point, they’ll turn to you first, just like ol’ Harold.  

Christina Throndson is business developer with Moxie & VGM OTS. Reach her at [email protected] 


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