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Maternal & infant care: Understand benefits of compression therapy 

Maternal & infant care: Understand benefits of compression therapy 

ST FonvilleQ. What are the health benefits of maternity compression products during pregnancy and postpartum? 

A. Maternity compression has become an essential element to a mom’s pregnancy and postpartum journey. Compression garments offer wonderful health benefits for mothers during pregnancy by providing comfort and relief from swelling, back pain and muscle fatigue.  

During postpartum, compression garments can help speed up recovery and reduce discomfort, which can help reduce stress as moms care for their newborns during the healing process.  

The best part is that these FDA-listed products are eligible through insurance with a prescription from a doctor.  

  • Maternity support bands are typically used during three to nine months of pregnancy and have been proven to alleviate strain on the hips, back, pelvis and abdomen, allowing moms to increase mobility and improve their posture.  
  • Maternity compression socks are also designed to be worn during three to nine months of pregnancy and promote better blood flow by gradually increasing pressure from the ankle to the top of the calf. The compression sock helps prevent swelling, circulation issues and varicose veins, and provides relief from feet and ankle discomfort, allowing moms to stay on their feet longer and continue to remain active during pregnancy.  
  • Postpartum recovery garments can be worn one week to four months postpartum. These garments support and tighten the areas most affected by pregnancy, which not only helps provide relief from discomfort but also speeds up recovery. These garments can help shape and firm the belly, hips, waist, pelvis and lower back, and help stabilize joints and, in turn, increase mobility.  
  • The C-section bandage system helps speed up recovery by healing and protecting the C-section wound, while also softening existing scar tissue and preventing further scarring. 

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