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Business Development

Maternal & infant care invites opportunities

August 26, 2022John Andrews

Nikki Jensen of Essentially Women uses the pandemic as an example of how the maternal and infant care category presents a prime business opportunity for the HME industry.  “Social distancing prevented face-to-face health care services like post-mastectomy care, offering the chance to diversify, because throughout the pandemic, babies were still being born,” said Jensen, vice president of Essentially Women, a membership services organizations for women’s health providers...

Brandon Fonville, Essentially Women, maternal & infant care, Motif Medical, Nikki Jensen

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Maternal & Infant: Become mom’s one-stop-shop

Smart Talk

Maternal & Infant: Become mom’s one-stop-shop

December 8, 2021Brandon Fonville

Q. How can the increase in breastfeeding rates positively affect my business?  A. According to the CDC’s National Immunization Survey, the percentage of mothers who breastfeed their babies has increased steadily from 2011 to 2018. Not only are more mothers breastfeeding but for longer periods of time. The rate of mothers who breastfed their babies at 12 months has increased from 26.7% in 2011 to 35% in 2018.   The increase in breastfeeding rates can be attributed to hospitals...

Brandon Fonville, Breastfeeding, Motif Medical, Women's Health

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Brandon Fonville

Smart Talk

Maternal & infant: Future-proof your business

November 10, 2021Brandon Fonville

Q. Should I add breast pumps to my product mix?  A. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 included the Women's Preventive Services Initiative Clause. This clause recommended comprehensive lactation support services, including breastfeeding equipment and supplies, to ensure the successful initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding.  From the implementation of this clause, providers began offering breast pumps as a covered benefit to mothers. As time went on, providers started offering...

Brandon Fonville, Breast Pumps, Durable Medical Equipment, Motif Medical

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Smart Talk

Maternal & Infant: Embrace cost-effective option

October 13, 2021Brandon Fonville

Q. What is at-home phototherapy treatment and why is it important? A. At-home phototherapy treatment is a way of reducing the bilirubin levels of infants with jaundice using blanket phototherapy in the comfort of your own home, as opposed to hospital treatment.  Phototherapy has been a popular, non-invasive way to treat neonatal jaundice for more than 30 years. The treatment has been typically done in a hospital setting by placing the baby under stationary lights, but advances in technology...

Brandon Fonville, Motif Medical, Phototherapy blanket

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Medtrade Show Daily

Medtrade East exhibitors rolling out red carpet for visitors

October 1, 2021John Andrews

ATLANTA – With pandemic-induced virtual meetings dominating the past year-and-a-half, Medtrade East exhibitors are greatly looking forward to seeing “live” visitors at their booths during the trade show, Oct. 18-20 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.  “Even though our industry has done a tremendous job expanding our use of digital communications, , there is nothing that can replace in-person networking and the conversations that are held on the expo hall...

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HME providers tap into ‘huge’ maternity market


HME providers tap into ‘huge’ maternity market

September 13, 2021Tracy Orzel

Sponsored Content: RALEIGH, N.C. – The market for maternity products is stable, unlike many other sectors of the HME industry right now, making it an attractive area of growth for providers. “There are always people having children—daily,” said Matt Scott, business development manager at Prism Medical Products, a provider in Elkin, N.C., that partners with Motif Medical to offer maternity products to customers. Based in Raleigh, N.C., Motif Medical develops insurance-eligible...

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ST fonville

Smart Talk

Maternal & infant care: Understand benefits of compression therapy 

September 13, 2021Brandon Fonville

Q. What are the health benefits of maternity compression products during pregnancy and postpartum?  A. Maternity compression has become an essential element to a mom’s pregnancy and postpartum journey. Compression garments offer wonderful health benefits for mothers during pregnancy by providing comfort and relief from swelling, back pain and muscle fatigue.   During postpartum, compression garments can help speed up recovery and reduce discomfort, which can help reduce stress...

Brandon Fonville, maternal & infant care, Motif Medical

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Also Noted

Motif, VGM partner

January 26, 2021HME News Staff

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – Motif Medical and VGM & Associates have executed a program agreement to provide breast pumps, maternity compression and more to VGM members. “Being part of the VGM family allows us to help DME partners expand their product line and grow their businesses, while bringing our award-winning products to moms,” said Brandon Fonville, director of Motif Medical. VGM members will have access to Motif Medical’s full line of double-electric breast pumps, like the flagship...

Breast Pumps, Maternity compression, Motif Medical, VGM, women's health care

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