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Maternal & infant: Future-proof your business

Maternal & infant: Future-proof your business

Q. Should I add breast pumps to my product mix? 

A. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 included the Women's Preventive Services Initiative Clause. This clause recommended comprehensive lactation support services, including breastfeeding equipment and supplies, to ensure the successful initiation and maintenance of breastfeeding. 

From the implementation of this clause, providers began offering breast pumps as a covered benefit to mothers. As time went on, providers started offering a variety of breast pumps at different reimbursement rates based on what mothers preferred.  

Ten years later, the number of DMEs that carry breast pumps has not only increased significantly, but the line of maternity products they carry has expanded, as well. More DMEs are offering a full suite of products for moms that cover their entire journey, from pregnancy to postpartum. This allows the them to become a one-stop shop for mothers, thereby increasing total revenue per patient.  

Breast pumps that offer portability, convenience, efficiency and the latest technology will continue to drive sales to working and stay-at-home mothers. But how do providers remain profitable with the rising cost of devices and declining reimbursements?  

It’s important to work with a vendor that’s always adding innovative, new insurance-eligible and patient-pay products to their product line to help future-proof a provider’s business so they can continue to offer breast pumps to their patients. A vendor should also use marketing and messaging to effectively communicate that these items are covered benefits for moms or available for purchase and, in turn, help DMEs grow their product lines and expand their businesses. 

Brandon Fonville is director of Motif Medical. Reach him at or 844-272-8390.


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