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NCART, U.S. Rehab seek insight on stability of CRT businesses

NCART, U.S. Rehab seek insight on stability of CRT businesses

WATERLOO, Iowa – NCART and U.S. Rehab have joined forces to launch a comprehensive survey to gather real-time data on the financial stability of businesses within the complex rehab industry. 

The convergence of factors such as inflation, wage increases, supply chain disruptions, and elevated shipping costs has led to a challenging environment that demands careful analysis and collective action, they say.  

“Complex rehab technologies are experiencing pressure from many directions,” said Greg Packer, president of U.S. Rehab, a division of VGM, and NCART. “With that said, NCART and the industry are asking for your help to update the industry data. Please take the time to answer the survey that was sent out from an independent marketing firm. This data will help our key organizations who speak weekly to Washington and the key agencies to protect access for the consumer while helping small business succeed in a challenging environment.” 

Data collected from the survey, which is being conducted by the University of Northern Iowa’s Strategic Marketing Services program, will provide a clearer understanding of the challenges faced by the industry. Armed with this information, the industry can work collaboratively with policymakers and lawmakers to advocate for the necessary support and strategies needed to navigate through these turbulent times, NCART and U.S. Rehab say.  

Go here to take the survey.


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