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Providers, patients slowly buying in to apps, according to poll

Providers, patients slowly buying in to apps, according to poll ‘This is the way of the future’

HME NewspollYARMOUTH, Maine – With apps nearly unavoidable in most aspects of life these days, it’s not surprising that a larger number of HME providers have begun using them to communicate with their patients. 

In a recent HME Newspoll, 57% of respondents reported using an app, with 50% of them also reporting strong adoption among their patients. 

“We are slowly getting buy-in on the app,” wrote one respondent. “Not all older clientele is capable of figuring it out, but (they) are working on it.” 

In recent quarters, large providers like AdaptHealth and Viemed Healthcare have launched proprietary apps. Other apps are available through industry software solutions, such as Patient Hub from Brightree, and manufacturers. 

While the most common use of apps is for scheduling appointments (36%), general communication and ordering/tracking is also common (both 18%), say respondents. 

“We use an app (that communicates) the technician’s ETA,” wrote one respondent. “It helps to reduce anxiety for the patient and family. It reduces calls to the office, as well, during the delivery window.” 

Apps are also useful for things like uploading insurance information or following up on patient adherence, say poll respondents. 

One respondent, who uses a texting platform but not an app, writes that use and adoption has everything to do with a provider’s customer base and its specialization.  

“Try to get a customer to download an app?” the respondent wrote. “The cost/benefit ratio for our demographic just does not pan out – yet. If we were a PAP business, where volume and demographics were in our favor, it would be a great addition.” 

Even for respondents who don’t yet use an app, it’s front of mind, they say. 

“Please share what apps people are using,” wrote one respondent. “This is the way of the future, so it would be helpful to know which ones are already being adopted in the industry.”


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