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Reporter's notebook: Vendors to HME providers: 'It's on us to share what works'

Reporter's notebook: Vendors to HME providers: 'It's on us to share what works'

YARMOUTH, Maine - When ResMed launched a campaign to thank HME providers for their years of partnership and to affirm the company's commitment to helping them navigate the changing landscape, it became one of an increasing number of vendors that is realizing and recognizing that its role in the HME industry has morphed into something more than a maker and seller of products.

“Recognizing this important relationship from the start, we've cultivated a system that ensures we're supporting and advocating for our customers' interests from every corner of the industry, not just one,” said Bernadette McBrearty, vice president of marketing communications for the Americas.

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare believes quality products and low prices are now “just table stakes,” says Derek Lampert.

“They are necessary, but they don't provide the level of value needed in this new post-competitive bidding climate,” said Lampert, vice president of homecare sales. “We have the advantage of seeing the industry from a higher mountaintop. It's on us to share what's working, so more of our partners can thrive.”

Drive has made a number of changes recently to reflect its increasingly tight partnerships with providers, including restructuring its business around new teams of strategic and clinical specialists, Lampert says.

“These teams help select products that best align with our partners' business goals, while simultaneously creating cash flow solutions,” he said.

It behooves manufacturers and vendors to do everything in their power to make sure providers—their customer base— succeed, says Wayne Bailey of Bonafide Medical Billing Solutions.

“We're suffering, too, when tons of providers are going out of business,” he said.


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