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ResMed maximizes awareness, demand

ResMed maximizes awareness, demand

SAN DIEGO – ResMed is positioning a new online shop as a way for the manufacturer to be a “strong partner” for its HME provider customers. 

The company last week launched to sell its AirMini travel CPAP devices to cash-paying customers. 

“By setting a benchmark for the online patient experience, we’re maximizing patients’ awareness of and demand for the products and services HMEs provide,” said Grant Ovzinsky, senior director, ResMed.  

ResMed launched the AirMini in 2017, making it available through HME providers, online retailers and other distributors.  

The company says those HME providers, online retailers and other distributors have all been key channels for sales of the AirMini since its launch four years ago, but it wanted to further expand the company’s presence on the web due to studies showing 76% of U.S. consumers go online to research health-related topics and purchase products. 

“As more and more consumers go online to research and purchase health-related products, ResMed is building its brand visibility and brand experience with consumers,” Ovzinsky said. 

ResMed says it will continue to support sales of the AirMini through HME providers, online retailers and other distributors through digital advertising, launch events and other efforts, but the online shop will allow the company to amplify those efforts. 

“The ResMed Shop intends to market across a variety of digital channels, reaching patients who have requested to receiving marketing messages directly from,” Ovzinsky said. 

The company says it does not have plans to offer products other than the AirMini and related accessories for cash through the online shop.  


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