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Resupply Programs: Establish point of differentiation

Resupply Programs: Establish point of differentiation

Q. How do I maximize my CPAP compliance and resupply program?

A. As a previous HME owner and CPAP provider, we found that focusing on the following key components allowed us to produce industry-leading results.

Referral sources

We began by asking our referral sources what we can do to become an essential resource or partner to them. The answer was simple: better patient care. Ninety three percent of providers feel it is essential for patients to feel satisfied with their health care provider. Establishing your point of differentiation by offering a program that focuses on the long-term care of the patient will increase your referrals.

Patient centric

Building your program centered on the patient and their continuum of care will produce results. Implementing a clinically based program that begins at setup and compliance provides the maximum opportunity for your patients to become “supply eligible.” Patient care is about relationships. Taking an interest in knowing and understanding each patient's motives, concerns and behaviors on their personal journey of managing their sleep apnea will express that you value them and their long-term care. One in five patients is not entirely convinced their provider is focused on improving their health.

Patient ROI

Implementing an outreach program that is patient centric while providing your referrals with a continuum of care model that is clinically based can increase your resupply revenue by 150% to 200%. Analyzing your compliance and resupply program to other programs in the industry ensures that your program is operating at an optimal level. Aligning with partners and expertise who place an emphasis on long-term value over the entire patient lifecycle will ensure that you are increasing patient retention, lowering attrition and maximizing your patient ROI.

Mark Boardman is CEO of Sleep Coaches. Reach him at [email protected]


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