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Retail: Make marketing your mission

Retail: Make marketing your mission

Q. Now that members of my local community are getting vaccinated for COVID-19, what are ways we can best market our products and services to encourage people to shop and spend in our stores?

A. Marketing is the vehicle and primary communication tool to drive your retail sales. Therefore, without a marketing plan, you won’t have a strong sales strategy. In an era when consumers are bombarded with marketing and advertising just about everywhere they look and hear, the appeal, purpose and authenticity of the marketing message is ever more important. 

The good news is that our industry’s mission to improve people’s lives with mobility, safety, dignity, comfort and independence is such a powerful, purposeful and authentic marketing message. We just have to get that message out to our community. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways to market your mission is with national holidays and events that are already imbedded in the consumer retail marketing landscape.

Here are some examples of how we can market our mission with the upcoming calendar of holidays and events:

- Mother’s Day: Mama Wants a New Set of Wheels

- Father’s Day:  Daddy Wants a New Set of Wheels

- Independence Day: Let’s Celebrate Your Independence

- Summer travel: It’s Time to Be Together! Our Travel & Mobility Event

- Thanksgiving and holidays: Give the Gift of Mobility, Independence and Togetherness

As our country begins opening after a long, hard year of lockdowns, people are ready to be active, be with loved ones and thrive. That also happens to be what HME retailers do: help people be active, be with loved ones and thrive. You just need to market your mission!

Sue Chen is CEO, NOVA Medical Products. Reach her at 


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