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Tactical Call Center offers HME touch

Tactical Call Center offers HME touch

Todd UsherMINDEN, Nev. – Tactical Call Center will launch at Medtrade in March to offer HME providers a new option for after-hours communication that’s specific to their industry. 

Currently, providers have little choice but to use local answering services, often the same ones that their referring physicians use, says Todd Usher, president and CEO. 

“They manage all the calls, and it’s no frills and it’s their way or the highway,” he said. “We haven’t been dissatisfied completely, but we thought it was something that we could take to the next level.” 

TCC soft launched in December and, before that, the company had the service beta-tested by several HME providers, physician offices and call centers across the country. 

Working with a company whose staff is trained in HME increases a provider’s efficiency and improves care, Usher says. 

“(TCC’s staff) has the ability to get at the root of the program and determine if it’s an issue that needs to be addressed,” he said. “A local answering service will take a message that there is potentially an issue and be gone. We know oxygen concentrators, for example, and we know if what’s going on is urgent or can possibly be dealt with later on.” 

Because TCC’s staff is also familiar with industry software solutions like Brightree, they can also determine if a patient who calls is an active customer and eligible for products and services. 

“That’s definitely a pro,” said Donna Chailland, general manager of Accucare in Asheville, N.C. “Without Tactical Call Center, we might get an order, deliver it and it’s not a patient of ours or they’re not eligible. It’s a convenience for our divers, who aren’t used to working in that environment.” 

TCC has several other added benefits, Usher says, including providing call recordings that providers can use for troubleshooting and offering multiple communication options like live call, text or chat and in multiple languages. Chailland says it also offers top-notch customer service. 

“When a patient does call after hours and it goes to Tactical Call Center, they almost always get someone to immediately pick up,” she said.


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