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Technology: Help or hindrance?

Technology: Help or hindrance?

Q. How can providers take advantage of technology to optimize patient outreach, resupply and outcomes?  

A. Many companies moved to Software as a Service (SaaS) years ago and for good reason. SaaS is accessible anywhere and anytime to a broad spectrum of collaborators. 

Obviously, companies that converted their operating infrastructure to SaaS have been at a distinct advantage during the COVID-19 crisis. Their employees can work remotely and efficiently from both their computers and their phone, while they are on the go. 

SaaS solutions also minimize the risk of physical data loss and HIPAA exposure. Data backups are done in real-time and, should they fail, you might lose minutes of data vs. hours or days. 

Most importantly, DME companies adopting a SaaS platform model can more easily integrate with specialized tools to optimize success. A perfect example is patient outreach and resupply, where engagement, collaboration, interoperability and data security are key to maximizing revenue and operational efficiency. 

Today, DME companies are increasingly focused on personalized care management for patients with chronic health conditions. In this business model, outreach includes leveraging a skilled clinical network to connect patients, physicians, providers and health plans. Using SaaS technology and human touch, it is my belief that it will be DME operators that fill the continuum of care gap between patients and physicians. 

One profitable aspect of personalized care management is resupply, particularly in managing OSA patients. It is frustrating to know that more than 80% of OSA patients fall off their therapy in the first year. Integrating technology that’s focused on resupply and augmenting your staff with resupply specialists that engage, educate and support can substantially increase patient retention.  

It’s a win-win when you utilize new technology that can seamlessly improve patient outcomes; reduce the reliance on an outdated, more costly approach; and maximize your businesses financial success. 

Mark Ludwig is president and CEO of Bonafide Medical Group. Reach him at [email protected] 


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