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Tomorrow Health adds Geisinger to growing list of contracts

Tomorrow Health adds Geisinger to growing list of contracts

NEW YORK – Tomorrow Health’s new partnership with Geisinger Health Plan makes it the “missing link” for the plan’s members by enhancing their experience obtaining home medical equipment and supplies, says co-founder and CEO Vijay Kedar. 

Tomorrow Health, which recently closed on $25 million in Series A round funding led by Andreessen Horowitz, will coordinate all medical equipment and supplies for Geisinger’s more than 500,000 members, using its platform to streamline ordering, product selection and delivery, and match patients to in-network HME providers. 

“Geisinger and Geisinger Health Plan have long been innovators in the health care delivery system, particularly around home-based health care,” said Kedar. “They’ve made meaningful initiatives with an expansion of telemedicine to enable their members to receive more holistic and more effective home-based care. The missing link was the coordination of the equipment and supplies that members receive in line with overarching home-based care.” 

Orders are placed through Tomorrow Health’s platform, either by referral sources or the patients themselves and routed to the most appropriate HME provider within the Geisinger network, based on a set of objective criteria that includes quality, geography and service capabilities. 

Suppliers bill Geisinger in line with their existing contracts. 

“Our focus is around improving quality,” said Kedar. “In our partnership, the metrics by which the partnership is deemed successful are around patient satisfaction, reliability, timeliness and the quality by which patients are served.” 

While the partnership is similar to others Tomorrow Health has with regional and national health plans across the country, providers in Pennsylvania, where the Geisinger health system includes nine hospitals, have sought more transparency on the referral process. Tomorrow Health has aimed to be proactive in its communications around the partnership, says Kedar, including direct meetings and webinars. 

“Since the initial rollout, there have been questions from providers,” he said. “We’ve taken a number of steps to really directly engage with providers and organizations to answer questions. We do think there is a huge opportunity to provide more information to providers in the network to continue to strengthen the relationship.” 

Tomorrow Health, which launched in 2020, now partners with more than 125 leading health plans and hospital systems in 29 states. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, it's also highlighted the need for home-based care and the need to ensure no one falls through the cracks, says Kedar. 

“It’s certainly been a sensitive time where a wider number of patients across geographies have proven vulnerable to the impact of the pandemic,” he said. “A high priority of ours is to work across the board to streamline and work with medical equipment suppliers across the market.” 


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