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What’s your brand? Fill in the blank!

What’s your brand? Fill in the blank!

Mastectomy boutiques are in a position to empower breast cancer survivors to live “fully and beautifully,” says Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno, a post-mastectomy clothing designer, and a survivor herself.

To do that, providers need to engage with survivors through the three pillars of marketing: commerce, content and community, she says.

“View your activity through these three pillars to determine the who, the what, and the why,” said Donofree during her recent EW Focus Conference session, “How to Engage Your Community Through Marketing and Events.” “Each of these feeds the other two, and they may shift in importance.”

Fill in your blank

Donofree says providers should ask themselves “Do I have a brand?” While they may think the answer is “no,” she says the answer is always “yes.” The key is to figure out what unique services you provide to help your customers with their unique needs.

“Consumers want someone they can trust,” she said. “Let’s build your brand. You are no longer the local DME or the main street mastectomy boutique. You are ‘fill in your blank.’”

When customers need something, they will remember “fill in the blank,” instead of automatically going to Amazon or Google.

Content gold

 While it’s important to make sure a website provides useful information, such as hours and location, and contact information, it’s also a place to tell a company’s story, through emails, blogs, social media and video.

“Store owners are sitting on a pile of content gold,” she said. “You are the expert. You hear customer insights and feedback and challenges. Content can support the community in different ways. Ask yourself what resources and talent do you have available to you.”

The holy grail

By far, the most valuable asset a business has is its email list, which Donofree says can generate $38 for every $1 spent.

“Share assets and pop in consistently to say hi,” she says. “It gives them a way to get information and keeps your brand in front of them over and over, so instead of them saying, ‘Amazon,’ they say, ‘let me check ‘fill in the blank.’”

Don’t forget good old mail campaigns, says Donofree. Send a postcard when there’s a brand launch in the-store, or let them know you are re-opening after COVID closures.

“Supporting local business is more important than ever,” she says. “Leverage that.”




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