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Soleo Health scales to meet demand for approved Alzheimer’s drug 

July 10, 2023HME News Staff

FRISCO, Texas – Soleo Health says it’s prepared to address anticipated increases in demand for LEQEMBI on the heels of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration giving the Alzheimer’s drug full approval on July 7. Earlier this year, Soleo Health was selected by Eisai as the specialty pharmacy distribution partner for LEQEMBI. At the time, the drug had only received fast-track approval from the FDA. “LEQEMBI represents an important advancement in the ongoing fight to treat Alzheimer’s...

Alzheimer's, Home Infusion, LEQEMBI, Soleo Health

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Study: Sleep apnea in seniors linked to Alzheimer's

May 21, 2013HME News Staff

NEW YORK - Sleep apnea may somehow cause—or be caused by—Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests. Researchers at the New York University of Medicine found a correlation between the two conditions, but findings were preliminary, with nothing conclusive, according to an article from HealthDay news service. Lead author Dr. Ricardo Osorio, however, said that there deserves to be further study, since there may be a link between sleep, aging and memory. “It's clear that sleep...

Alzheimer's, CPAP, New York University (NYU), Sleep Apnea, Sleep Disorders

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Executive Session

Just the facts, please

October 21, 2010Mike Moran

Back in August I attended Invacare's Media Day, and recently Invacare emailed me a bunch of information from the various presentations. Many of the slides are relevant only in the context of the total presentation, but I was able to pull out some data that can stand on its own. Here's that data followed by my take on what it all means. Digital Facts: - Global Population: 6.6+ billion - 21% Online: = 1.4+ billion - 65+ Population: 15% = 1+ billion - 65+ Population (US) = 77 million - 65+ Online (US):...

Alzheimer's, Executive Session, Respironics, Respironics

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