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Keep it clean

June 26, 2017Kelly Bothum

For the millions of people living with sleep apnea, CPAP machines can be life-changing, but regular upkeep is required to maintain their peak performance.Daily cleaning encourages healthy habits that make it more likely for patients to keep using their CPAP, said Dr. Joseph Krainin, a sleep doctor and founder of Singular Sleep, a virtual sleep center.“That's the ideal situation when it comes to your health,” said Krainin, who also serves as chief medical adviser for SoClean, an automated...

CPAP, Dr. Joseph Krainin, Sleep Apnea, SoClean

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Providers ask, what's next?

September 23, 2016Liz Beaulieu, Editor

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Bernie Zimmer, Wayne Slavitt and Dr. Joseph Krainin all have different approaches to the HME industry, but they all believe this: Play the hand you've been dealt.“We always need to be thinking what's next,” said Zimmer, who has shifted his company, CHME in Foster City, Calif., largely away from Medicare and its competitive bidding program, toward a capitated business model with local and regional health plans. “Don't come into my office if you want to talk to...

Bernie Zimmer, Dr. Joseph Krainin, HME Business Summit, Wayne Slavitt

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Sleep startup removes barriers to care

February 1, 2016Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. - A virtual sleep center wants to put the power of health care back into the hands of patients, says its founder.“We want to take health care out of the forced algorithms of insurances and hospital protocols,” said Dr. Joseph Krainin, founder of Singular Sleep. “When I had a traditional practice, I was just facing an unwinnable battle helping people get the treatment they needed.”Singular Sleep, a telehealth startup, offers online consultations and home...

Dr. Joseph Krainin, Singular Sleep, Sleep Apnea, sleep health

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Modern life makes 'recipe' for sleeplessness

January 22, 2016Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

Dr. Joseph Krainin's passion is sleep. It's what he trained for. Still, in the weeks since he launched Singular Sleep (See story, page 1), he's learned just how poor a grasp the average person has about sleep health. Krainin recently spoke with HME News about why sleep is so important and what's impacting our ability to sleep.HME News: We talk a lot about sleep apnea rates increasing, but are you seeing an increase in other sleep disorders?Joseph Krainin: Definitely. I would say that there are strong...

Dr. Joseph Krainin, Singular Sleep

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