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Smart Talk

Management: Learn from process

August 25, 2015Mike Strange

A. As a general rule I don't believe in “slumps” as it pertains to sales people. I've always believed that if you have a sales person that is not closing deals, he/she is not getting involved in enough transactions.With that in mind, when a sales person does “lose” a deal, it's important to understand why and how he/she lost and what we can do to learn from the process.Were we selling to the true decision maker?In every business deal, there is usually one person who has the...

Mike Strange, Sales

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Smart Talk

Management Work through the boredom

July 27, 2015Mike Strange

A. The quick answer is you can't. Being motivated is a temporary feeling, if not a myth altogether.  The difference between those people who are successful in whatever they do and those who are not has nothing to with motivation. It has everything to do with being able to handle the boredom of executing the right processes day in and day out that yield the desired results. That's it.  As managers and coaches, this is the way we need to evaluate an individual's work ethic. It's not about...

Management, Mike Strange

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Smart Talk

Management: Gain employee trust

June 3, 2015Mike Strange

A. If there's one thing that frustrates managers, it's having an “un-coachable” employee on their team. It's that individual who feels that he is never wrong, that the manager is unfairly identifying him whenever any kind of critical or even constructive feedback is given and he simply refuses to take any responsibility for his mistakes or failure. Regardless of his posture and attitude, his success is your responsibility. So, how do we understand his mindset and, ultimately,...

Emerge Sales, Employee Satisfaction, Leadership, Management, Mike Strange

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