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Ryan Bullock

Smart Talk

Advocacy: Leverage engagement

January 16, 2023Ryan Bullock

Q. What role can I play in health care advocacy? A. As we know, there is no shortage of disparities that exist in health care, yet unfortunately, many of these disparities are systemic and are oftentimes left unnoticed. As an industry, it is our responsibility to leverage our engagement with patients and health plans to remove barriers that prevent equitable access to care. Recent studies have shown that despite the improvements in the overall health of the country, racial and ethnic minorities...

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Specialty Providers

Stakeholders gauge interest in new coalition

June 30, 2021Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

WASHINGTON – A group of about 40 providers and manufacturers participated in a call in May to discuss whether there’s enough interest to form a Breast Pump Policy Coalition that could tackle a host of issues related to the product category.  “We’re still in the discovery phase,” said Ryan Bullock, COO of Aeroflow and co-chair of the coalition, which AAHomecare is spearheading. “We’ve sent out a follow-up survey to gauge their ongoing interest and...

aahomecare, Aeroflow, Breast Pump Policy Coalition, Ryan Bullock

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Patient experience is top priority in home care

June 1, 2020Guest Commentary

Perhaps a piece of silver lining that has come from the pandemic is the provider's hands-on experience in adapting to change and creating new forms of patient management. Historically, they have provided equipment that is crucial in the care continuum, but now they must evolve and provide more value than tangible equipment, especially when they are offering products that may not be unique.Care providers will seek DMEs who are complete partners in each patient's health care journey, provide excellent...

Aeroflow Healthcare, Coronavirus Outbreak, Home Medical Equipment, Ryan Bullock

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