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United Healthcare extends suspension of prior auths 

January 13, 2021HME News Staff

MINNEAPOLIS – United Healthcare will extend the temporary suspension of certain prior authorization requirements for in-network hospitals and skilled nursing facilities through Jan. 31, AAHomecare reports. They were originally set to expire Jan. 8. The suspensions include COVID-19 oxygen-related requests. In those cases, oxygen can be delivered without a prior auth and does not need to meet current clinical criteria. UCH also noted that it may perform retrospective reviews for services...

Coronavirus, Pandemic, Prior Authorization, United Healthcare

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In brief: CMS details capacity, UHC admits error, VGM opens invite

May 17, 2019HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - CMS will use a bidder's estimated capacity—or their historic capacity plus their projected increase in capacity—along with their bid amount, to rank bids, reports the coalition behind “(CMS's) newly released capacity policy shows how influential a bidder's capacity is to setting the rate,” said Mark Higley, vice president of regulatory affairs for the VGM Group. “While CMS does not guarantee volume, bidders who overestimate...

DASCO Home Medical Equipment, Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC), Heartland Conference, United Healthcare, VGM Group, Viemed Healthcare

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On the Editor's Desk

By choice or necessity

April 21, 2016Liz Beaulieu, Editor

Managing Editor Theresa and I were talking yesterday about the news that United Healthcare will be pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges in all but a handful of states. The reason: The health insurance giant is losing money in the health exchanges. Just how much money? Oh, an expected $650 million this year alone. There's obviously a lot of buzz about this news in the mainstream media, but Theresa and I were scratching our heads over whether or not there's an angle for our little niche-y publication. We...

Competitive Bidding, United Healthcare

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On the Editor's Desk

United Healthcare and the nationals

September 1, 2011Liz Beaulieu, Editor

Two providers, now, have asked me whether United Healthcare, as part of its new clinical policies for testing and treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea, has contracted with four national providers to provide APAP devices. It appears, yes...and no. I haven't talked to anyone at United Healthcare (and I doubt I'd get anywhere if I tried), but I do have a copy of the bulletin it sent out to its physicians notifying them of the new policies and its contract with VirtuOx to perform...

On The Editor's Desk, Provider, Sleep Therapy, United Healthcare

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