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What's to learn from Wells Fargo?

October 14, 2016Tracy Orzel

YARMOUTH, Maine - Banking giant Wells Fargo is under fire from consumers and Congress for setting such high sales goals, employees felt pressured to create sham accounts. The controversy has shined a light on how companies set up their sales program.Luckily, the banking and healthcare industries aren't one in the same, says healthcare attorney Elizabeth Hogue.“Wells Fargo got dinged, but HME suppliers should have checks in place to prevent submission of bogus claims,” she said.That's...

Elizabeth Hogue, sales incentives, Wells Fargo

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Executive Session

The latest thinking on the sleep market

August 6, 2009Mike Moran

Mad Cowgirl dvd A Zed & Two Noughts hd Brother video You can't have too much market intelligence, and I always like to hear what Wall Street analysts have to say about the HME market: where it is and where they think it is going. Here's  a report on the sleep market, courtesy of  Wells Fargo Securities, that greeted me when I turned on my computer this morning and opened my email: * We Think U.S. Sleep Market Growth Remained Stable In FQ4 2009.  We believe that the U.S. sleep market...

Executive Session, Meloy, Sleep, Sleep Apnea, Wells Fargo

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