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Bonafide helps build 'more flexible' provider

Bonafide helps build 'more flexible' provider

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. - Bonafide Management Systems has expanded and reorganized to better meet the needs of HME providers serving long-term care and other facilities.

Bonafide announced on Oct. 10 that it is consolidating the strategic assets from Hayesville, N.C.-based Next Level 11 and Next Project 11 under its umbrella and forming a new company, Bonafide Medical Group. As a result, it will offer a healthcare facility portal, live asset tracking and an infection control platform, in addition to its cloud-based DME ERP software.

“Everyone is trying to provide better care at lower cost,” said Mark Ludwig, president and CEO. “As we continue to place higher acuity patients in the post-acute care continuum, the walls across that continuum have become more cumbersome. So helping DME companies navigate the movement of patients from hospital through the post-acute care continuum with the right tools is really important.”

Bonafide began integrating Next Project 11's assets immediately.

Scott McDaniel, president and chief commercial officer, says Bonafide's expanded offerings “connect post-acute care markets through technology.” The Healthcare Facility Portal, for example, connects HME providers to LTC facilities, allowing them to sell equipment to these facilities through an online shopping portal that's directly linked to their back-office billing operations, inventory and delivery systems.

“DME providers haven't had that inside access before,” he said. “It's better alignment with patient need and better access to what's needed to manage the patient.”

Another example of how the expanded offerings connect markets: The Infection Protection Platform, which includes a meter for scanning equipment, allows HME providers to validate to LTC facilities that their equipment is free of contamination and that there's no risk for cross-contamination.

“Providers may have a cleaning process internally, but no validation process,” McDaniel said. “Cross contamination is an issue that drives up healthcare costs.”

Overall, the expanded offerings from Bonafide, which also include asset tracking and training tools that leverage AI, allow HME providers to present a “more flexible” provider to LTC and other facilities, McDaniel says.

“We really feel that we're changing the DME industry for the better,” he said.


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