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Company Culture: It starts with you

Company Culture: It starts with you

Scott stoneQ. Where do I start when it comes to a culture overhaul in my business? 

A. The most effective way to start a cultural revolution is to start with you. The Great Resignation has caused an overwhelming amount of finger pointing, which leads to victimhood. Whether you are the frustrated CEO or a disgruntled downline employee, if you believe the problem exists in your environment/outside of you, you are powerless to change it. When we take full responsibility for everything in our lives, we get back all our power to change whatever circumstances we don’t embrace. 

Make a Personal Commitment 

We spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our family, so ask yourself: “What kind of culture do I want to be part of in this company?” Remember to make your answer something you can deliver upon.  

  • I stand for an environment of open and transparent communication. 
  • I bring fun, creativity and joy to the workplace each day. 
  • I am committed to a peaceful and easeful work-life balance. 

Regulate Your Nervous System 

The Great Resignation highlighted a serious issue in both burnout and chronic fatigue. The quote I use is “People can’t change their lives when they’re too busy fighting for it.” The same goes for the culture of your company – if people are just trying to get by, it’s very difficult to make systemic change. The good news is most cultural issues exist in the mind, not in reality. Simple mindful practices like meditation or starting a meeting with a few collective deep breaths brings everyone involved into a calmer state where more collaborative discussions can occur. Someone with a regulated nervous system is more likely to be open to change and proactive in offering their perspective. 

Scott Stone is president of Community Conscious Consulting. You can reach him at 248-842-1070 or 


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