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Marketing: Set standard, stick to it

Marketing: Set standard, stick to it

Q. How can I make videos? It seems out of reach for a company of my size?

A. Video marketing is within reach for any company, regardless of size. Most companies in the HME space are not making videos, therefore, you would likely be a pioneer in your field. In 2018, Forbes reported that 90% of online shoppers find videos important in steering purchasing decisions.

It starts in your pocket

You do not need to invest in thousands of dollars of video gear or software to make valuable content. Most Android and iPhones shoot in HD, new ones in 4K. If you're willing, a simple point-and-shoot camera makes a world of difference. Software like Movie Maker (PC), Final Cut Pro (Mac), or Animoto (Cloud-based) offer intuitive interfaces that produce great content.

Create massive value

Consider value from all angles. You can create how-to videos for your dealers that help them sell more effectively. You can make marketing videos that showcase the lifestyle achieved with your products or even simple testimonials that you elicit from your customer base to showcase a real user interacting with your specific product. (Ask them to use landscape orientation, or, even better, they have someone else holding the camera).

Stock footage where necessary

There are numerous sites like Getty and Shutterstock that offer stock videography for your content gaps. As often as possible, only use content that has real users and/or real equipment.

Check the ego

 As Tony Robbins would say, “If you stay in your head, you're dead.” I'm not saying disregard quality, set a standard and stick to it. However, do not stop your growth because your videos don't look like company X or you don't have the budget of company Y. Comparison is the killer of progress.


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