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Optimize productivity

Optimize productivity

LAS VEGAS - Cutting costs and eliminative service are two ways HME providers are trying to cope with the new business environment, but that will only get them so far.

To truly have a financially healthy company, management must develop a system that maximizes organizational productivity, says Esther Apter, CEO of Suffern, N.Y.-based Medforce Technologies.

HME News: What does business process management consist of and why is it important for HME providers?

Esther Apter: Business process management consists of organizing the flow of your work processes so they are as productive as possible. Without mapping processes and flows, you cannot ensure efficiency, consistency, and compliance. BPM gives you unmatched visibility into the details and control of thewho, what, and when of each step in the process. Having that visibility and control at your fingertips drives operational success and allows you to make decisions based on real-time information and quickly adapt to changes both internally and externally within the community or industry.

HME: Where are providers at with business process management on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being experts?

Apter: On average, providers are between a 2 or 3 because most limit the scope of their workflow capabilities to intake and billing.BPM should cover your entire operation from top to bottom, including human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, shipping, and the mailroom. Or, providers are lulled into thinking they already have BPM because there is some rudimentary workflow capability within a current application. They don't realize the amount of potential in time and cost savings that they are leaving on the table.

HME: Is this a daunting task and if so, why? And how can they become better at it?

Apter: BPM suffers from a perception problem. The reality is—it is not daunting. The most successful implementations start with a manageable scope—perhaps one or a small handful of processes—and expanding the scope at a comfortable pace. You can achieve anything one step at time.

HME: Why do employees play a big part in the success of business process management?

Apter: Honestly, the No. 1 indicator of success is whether or not the leadership team believes in BPM and remains a champion for the practice. But employees are incredibly vital to success.


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