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Medforce looks to Ideagen to help it branch out

May 18, 2018Liz Beaulieu, Editor

SUFFERN, N.Y. - On the hunt for ways to boost its long-term growth strategy, Medforce Technologies found what it was looking for in U.K. based Ideagen.Here's what Nathan Apter, now vice president and head of Medforce operations, and Ben Dorks, chief customer officer of Ideagen, had to say about the acquisition and how not much will change going forward, including having an Apter in charge.HME News: How did the deal come about? Was Medforce even on the market?Nathan Apter: Our products are used...

Ideagen, MedForce Technologies

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Business Development

Billing systems: Look beyond claims, invoices

April 23, 2018John Andrews

Everything in an HME business is connected, so having an IT system that gives providers a panoramic view of their operation makes more sense than having siloed systems designated for specific departments, automation proponents say. Given the advanced functionality of modern technology and the affordability of cloud computing, even the smallest companies can afford to have a multi-functional, enterprise-wide system. Automating functions across the board is a bona fide upgrade from the hybrid manual-electronic...

bflow Solutions, Billing, Brightree, Computers Unlimited, MedForce Technologies, Prochant, Software, Universal Software Solutions

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In brief: AAHomecare meets with Hargan, Inogen reports data security incident

April 13, 2018HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - AAHomecare execs met with HHS Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan on April 11 to discuss competitive bidding relief and other industry priorities.AAHomecare President and CEO Tom Ryan and Senior Vice President of Public Policy Jay Witter met with Hargan and other HHS/CMS officials to discuss the status of the interim final rule, which Congress included in its recent omnibus bill, “encouraging” CMS to “promulgate” the IFR.Also on the agenda: long-term reform for the bid...

AAHomecare, Inogen, MedForce Technologies, National Seating & Mobility (NSM)

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In brief: NSM makes big play in Michigan, Health Complex rebrands

August 4, 2017HME News Staff

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - National Seating & Mobility has acquired the mobility division of Wright & Filippis, positioning the company as the leading provider of complex rehab solutions in Michigan, it says. “Wright & Filippis is one of the country's most respected providers of prosthetics, orthotics, custom mobility products and accessibility solutions,” said Bill Mixon, CEO of NSM. “This acquisition allows both companies to focus on our areas of expertise to better serve clients...

Health Complex Medical, MedForce Technologies, National Seating & Mobility (NSM), Numotion, Philips

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Also Noted

Medforce, DME Data Solutions fill in gaps

August 1, 2017HME News Staff

SUFFERN, N.Y., and SAN DIEGO - Medforce Technologies and DME Data Solutions have formed a strategic partnership to deliver providers an end-to-end solution for business management that improves efficiency, increases productivity and boosts profitability, the two companies say. Medforce is a provider of process and document management software; DME Data Solutions is a provider of productivity software. Together, the two companies offer more than a dozen software modules focused on minimizing manual...

Business, DME Data Solutions, Management, MedForce Technologies, Software

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Smart Talk

Automation: Gain greater visibility

April 24, 2017Ellen Sluder

A. Workflow automation is a way to gain greater visibility and control, and it will help you set best practices. Beyond the basics of standardizing and streamlining operations, it improves your ability to manage on a daily basis.Alerts & EscalationsTimeliness is crucial in the back office. You can stay on track effortlessly by building these deadlines into your workflow system. You set the date by which activities need to happen (e.g. a calendar date) or the expected amount of elapsed time (e.g....

Automation, MedForce Technologies, workflow automation

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Smart Talk

Automation: Go to the front lines

March 27, 2017Ellen Sluder

A. The quickest way is to go to the front lines of where the work is being done. This is where you'll find large volumes of documentation that need to be completed, authorized, and passed on to the next person to work. Here are three ways you can add automation that will guarantee you improve productivity and reduce costs:Electronic faxingA physical fax machine wastes time and effort, and maintaining hardware can be expensive. Electronic faxing allows incoming faxes to be automatically routed to...

Automation, Ellen Sluder, MedForce Technologies

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Smart Talk

Automation: Understand tools at hand

February 24, 2017Ellen Sluder

A. Automation can deliver the biggest impact on your bottom line through document management and business process management (BPM). Document management goes well beyond being paperless. True document management can store any information to create a complete file—including documents, pictures, spreadsheets, notes and even data capture through digital forms. It is a single portal through which your team can access information, collaborate and track progress. Automation can be leveraged...

Business, Ellen Sluder, Management, MedForce Technologies, Strategy

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Smart Talk

Automation: Prevent efficiency leakage

January 30, 2017Ellen Sluder

A. Automation is a powerful tool that helps reduce costs. What's exciting about automation is that it saves time and therefore money—a few minutes at a time throughout the day, resulting in a bank of saved time that can be redirected to high value activities.Automation at its core isn't about replacing people with technology, but rather elevating your staff by removing the tedious, non-value-added, busywork. For example: Eliminate the need to walk a file to a coworker's desk by automating the...

Automation, Ellen Sluder, MedForce Technologies

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Optimize productivity

January 27, 2017John Andrews

LAS VEGAS - Cutting costs and eliminative service are two ways HME providers are trying to cope with the new business environment, but that will only get them so far. To truly have a financially healthy company, management must develop a system that maximizes organizational productivity, says Esther Apter, CEO of Suffern, N.Y.-based Medforce Technologies. HME News: What does business process management consist of and why is it important for HME providers? Esther Apter: Business process management...

2017, Esther Apter, MedForce Technologies, Medtrade

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