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Resupply: Measure it to manage it 

Resupply: Measure it to manage it 

Mark BoardmanQ. How well is my CPAP compliance and resupply program performing compared to other HME providers?

A. Perhaps one of the more useful statements pertaining to business excellence is, "If it can't be measured, it can't be managed." Applying this to key aspects of our businesses is critical if growth and improvement objectives are going to be achieved. If a business goal or objective is to become a leader in CPAP compliance and resupply, it is essential to know the industry benchmarks to develop and implement a strategy to become a top performer.


The metrics most commonly used to measure how well your CPAP compliance and resupply program is or isn't performing should include patient compliance, patient connection rates, patient conversion rates, patient orders per year, and patient retention. Each of these components is necessary to measure and manage if your goal is to establish a top-performing program.


Prior to implementing a strategy or plan to achieve top-performing status, an analysis of your compliance and resupply program should be completed. This analysis will reveal to you what areas are underperforming compared to other leading programs. It will also begin to provide what is needed strategically to develop a top-performing program. Most importantly, and what we find to be most exciting when we do an analysis for an HME provider, is determining program ROI. Most are pleasantly surprised how much their resupply revenue will increase by implementing a plan that takes them to top-performing status.

Mark Boardman is the CEO of Sleep Coaches, experts in CPAP program management. You can reach him at


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