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Retail opportunity: Open your website front door

Retail opportunity: Open your website front door

Sue ChenQ. My website really needs an overhaul, but it feels overwhelming. What do I need to focus on to make my website work for my retail HME store? 

A. Your website is the front door of your business. Most of your potential and existing customers will go to your website to learn about your business, connect with you and find your location. Just as someone forms an opinion about your store from the physical appearance and how they are greeted and treated when they come in, the same applies to your website. Make sure your website front door is engaging, relevant, welcoming and serves its primary function – to let people in.   

Seventy-five percent of people look at your website from their mobile device. And the No. 1 purpose for the visit to your website is to find your phone number, address and hours of operation. Make sure that your phone number and address are front and center on your home page and are “click-able” to dial through and/or go to the maps or directions app on a mobile device.     

Other important information people want to see on your website front door are your current open hours of operations and your COVID-19 safety policy. This will include any safety options, such as curbside delivery and other delivery solutions for customer who cannot travel to your store.   

Lastly, people want to know more than just the general products and services your business provides. People want to know the personality and principles of your company.  This is especially important for HME retailers because people want and need to connect with a provider they can trust and emotionally connect with.   

Sue Chen is CEO, NOVA Medical Products. Reach her at 


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