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Speaker spotlight: What retail is, and isn't

Speaker spotlight: What retail is, and isn't

ATLANTA - More HME providers are incorporating cash sales into their revenue streams. But at Medtrade in Atlanta, in “How to Drive Two Trains at Once,” Michael Scarsella, national sales director for Compass Health Brands, will step it up a notch and explorethe complexity of a blended cash sales and third-party pay business model.

HME News: When it comes to cash sales in the HME industry, is it better to be 100% cash or some percentage of cash and third-party payers?

Michael Scarsella:It isn't necessarily that one way is better, but how to build a more realistic blend, and how to build in more cash without abandoning third-party payers.

HME:Where do you think most providers stand right now, in terms of that blend?

Scarsella:A lot of providers instinctively know what their current blend is, but most haven't taken the time to separate the two revenue streams. More need to dig in and actually do the grunt work to make the right decisions.

HME:Cash can still be viewed as a unicorn by some in the industry—why shouldn't that be the case?

Scarsella: There were a few years where people thought cash was going to be a savior, but in reality, it's just another channel that needs attention. What's exciting is that there are opportunities to multiply channels to drive revenue.

HME:How do you view the possibility of mass online retailers like Amazon increasingly getting into the healthcare space affecting cash sales in the HME industry?

Scarsella: Like everywhere else, it's reality. You have to know how you're positioned against the online world. There's a significant role for the specialty store, the personal touch.

HME:If attendees take away one thing from your session, what should it be?

Scarsella: Numbers don't lie. It's about digging into your current performance and finding opportunities for improvement.

How to Drive Two Trains at Once

Tuesday, October 16, 2018: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Contact:Michael Scarsella605-275-0187/[email protected]


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