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Tactical Back Office offers remote, turn-key employees

Tactical Back Office offers remote, turn-key employees

MINDEN, Nev. - As more people are ordered to stay home due to the coronavirus, Tactical Back Office's business model fits the world “like a glove,” says Todd Usher.

“The coronavirus hasn't affected us,” said Usher, president and CEO of the remote personnel staffing company, and co-founder of Home Oxygen Co. “It's been seamless because we're already working from home, but at a lower cost.”

Tactical Back Office's services include CMN collection and filing, A/R aging, patient intake processing, dispatching and logistics, bookkeeping, sales support and everything in between. While the company services all industries, including physician offices, sleep labs and PT and OT offices, more than 80% of its business is HME-based.

The idea for the business came to Usher in July 2016 when his Home Oxygen Co. was deeply affected by Medicare reimbursement cuts related to competitive bidding. Rather than close the doors, he transitioned to remote, Philippines-based personnel by the end of 2017.

“So it was born out of necessity,” said Usher. “Then a friend who owns a company in Fresno asked to be part of this, and that's how Tactical Back Office was born.”

Not only is it operationally efficient, but also “it saves a ton of money,” said Usher.

“And from a business owner's perspective or COO's perspective, that's vital in this day and age,” he said.
How it works is, once an agreement is signed, Tactical Back Office will ask the client for a detailed job description and then train personnel based on that description for four to eight weeks, before onboarding them with the client.

“This is their employee,” said Usher. “This is not a smoke-filled room of people in a dark, underlit office, working their A/R. This is John Smith (interacting with) their office on a daily basis, 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, 21 work days a month, 2,080 hours a year.” hme


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