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ST Nadler

Smart Talk

Operational Efficiency: Offload tedious tasks

May 8, 2024Adam Nadler

Q. AI is all the buzz right now. How can we address concerns about AI replacing human jobs in DME?  A. In the world of DME operations, AI gets a lot of hype for its flashiness rather than its real benefits. But it’s not about replacing jobs – it’s actually a powerful tool that enhances human skills and boosts how efficiently we can work.  AI excels in automating the tedious, repetitive tasks that bog down the DME review process. It quickly detects errors and...

Adam Nadler, Artificial Intelligence (AI), CompliantRx

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Business Development

Upbeat forecast for HME billing systems

April 26, 2024John Andrews

The future of HME billing systems looks bright, market specialists say, with advances in patient portal technology and artificial intelligence expected to play a leading role.  “We're beginning to witness transformative trends that are not only enhancing operational efficiency but also significantly improving patient engagement and satisfaction,” said Joey Graham, chief revenue officer for Charlotte, N.C.-based Prochant.  Patient portal technology, in particular, shows...

CompliantRx, NikoHealth, Prochant

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Adam Nadler


CompliantRx eases ‘document crunch’

April 12, 2024Liz Beaulieu, Editor

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – They say necessity is the mother of invention and that’s certainly true for Adam Nadler, co-founder and CEO of both Quest Health Solutions, a provider of diabetes products, and his newest venture, CompliantRx.   CompliantRx is an AI/ML-powered platform that automates medical record review for HME providers by identifying the necessary coverage criteria and highlighting any missing information, providing feedback within minutes.  “We’ve...

Adam Nadler, CompliantRx, Quest Health Solutions

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