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What's it like for an HME RT during the pandemic?

April 24, 2020Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

Editor's note: To hear Patricia DeMaida on the HME News in 10 podcast, click here.WATERBURY, Conn. - Respiratory therapist Patricia DeMaida has spent her entire career taking care of patients, both in the hospital and in the home, but she's never seen anything like the COVID-19 pandemic, she says.“The hospitals are overwhelmed,” said DeMaida, sales and clinical manager for Health Complex Medical in Waterbury, Conn, just outside of New York City, which has emerged as an epicenter of the...

coronavirus outbreak, respiratory therapy

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Specialty Providers

Q&A: Sarah Brundidge brings RT to the forefront

July 1, 2019Tracy Orzel

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Many people don't know what respiratory therapy is, and that's what Sarah Brundidge, who was voted president-elect of the Wisconsin Society for Respiratory Care (WSRC), wants to change. HME News recently spoke to Brundidge, a respiratory therapist and clinical educator with St. Paul, Minn.-based Pediatric Home Service, about advocacy and the importance of raising awareness about the profession.HME News: How did you get involved with WSRC?Sarah Brundidge: As a student I was really...

Pediatric Home Service, respiratory therapy, Sarah Brundidge

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Bill breathes life into telehealth for respiratory therapy

May 7, 2019HME News Staff

WASHINGTON - A bill to encourage the use of telehealth by registered respiratory therapists has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Reps. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., TJ Cox, D-Calif., Earl Carter, R-Ga., and Mike Kelly, R-Pa., on May 2 introduced H.R. 5208, which would establish a pilot program that allows registered respiratory therapists, under the supervision of a physician, to provide certain telehealth services to Medicare beneficiaries with COPD. "The American Association of Respiratory...

bill, respiratory therapy, telehealth

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Specialty Providers

Pediatric Home Service sees telemedicine as bonus opportunity

April 20, 2018Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

ROSEVILLE, Minn. - A patient homecare visit that would normally take about six hours with travel time took Jill Anderson, a respiratory therapist with Pediatric Home Service, 30 minutes to complete using telemedicine.“We were able to do her oxygen follow-up completely remotely,” said Anderson. “I estimate I save about 40 hours a month driving to and from these visits.”PHS, a provider of home infusion, nutrition and respiratory services to children, began offering telemed to...

home oxygen, Pediatric Home Service, respiratory therapy

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'It's not a desk job': RTs say they love their career choice

May 19, 2017Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine - Job prospects for respiratory therapists look rosy, with an expected growth rate of about 12% and increased recognition by the medical community of the role they play in keeping costs down.But long-time RTs say they've always found it to be a fulfilling career.“There's always been plenty of job opportunities and lots of variety in what you can do as an RT,” said Mary Wightman, a staff RT with Pediatric Home Services in Roseville, Minn., who has 35 years of experience....

Pediatric Home Service, respiratory therapy, sleep solutions

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Q&A: The COPD Foundation's Deb McGowan

August 1, 2014Leah Hoenen

WASHINGTON - If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community of healthcare providers to keep COPD patients out of the hospital. That will become even more critical Oct. 1, when hospitals start being penalized for excessive readmissions for COPD patients. Deb McGowan, senior director of health outcomes at The COPD Foundation, spoke with HME News about how hospitals and HME providers can work together to curb readmissions.HME News: You participated in a readmissions survey with Carolinas...

copd, penalties, readmissions, respiratory therapy

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Also Noted

DeVilbiss Healthcare celebrates 125 years

May 8, 2013HME News Staff

SOMERSET, Pa. - This year marks the 125th anniversary of DeVilbiss Healthcare, which was founded in 1888 by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss, who invented the first atomizer, according to a press release. Originally founded in Toledo, Ohio, the company's atomizer came to replace the use of cotton swabs to apply medication to the throats of patients. “Over the years, DeVilbiss has undergone many significant developments in the respiratory products it manufactures, which are now distributed worldwide,”...

atomizer, DeVilbiss Healthcare, dme, hme, respiratory therapy

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Also Noted

Pride Mobility taps new VP of sales

April 19, 2013HME News Staff

EXETER, Pa. - Pride Mobility Products has named Andrew Pyrih its new senior vice president of domestic sales, according to a press release. Pyrih will focus chiefly on strategic development of Pride's retail mobility business while working closely with Jay Brislin, vice president of Quantum Rehab. A 20-year veteran of healthcare sales, Pyrih previously served as regional vice president at Landauer Metropolitan, a respiratory therapy, HME, and infusion services company, based in Mount Vernon,...

Andrew Pyrih, apria, Caremark, home infusion therapy, Jay Brislin, Landauer Metropolitan, Option Care, Pride Mobility Products, quantum rehab, respiratory therapy

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The state of long-term oxygen therapy

June 23, 2011Robert McCoy

"The Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) Conference; Separating Fact From Fiction" held March 31-April 1 in Orlando, Fla., was not like the typical oxygen conference. The objective of this meeting was to focus on the science of LTOT and identify the issues that are impacting effective oxygen therapy in the home. The faculty consisted of some of the most respected pulmonologists and clinicians in the country. The goal was to have an objective review of the current situation in LTOT and discuss what we...

long term oxygen therapy, respiratory therapy

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POC manufacturer wins six bidding contracts

November 9, 2010Mike Moran

GOLETA, Calif. - When most HME providers said "No thanks" to Inogen's portable oxygen concentrator, the company said, "Okay, we'll do it ourselves." The result: Inogen won competitive bidding contracts in six cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Dallas and Riverside. "The industry will probably say, 'We hate those guys because now they have opened a Pandora's Box and other manufacturers are going to compete with us," said Inogen CEO Ray Huggenberger. "But what am I supposed to...

CMS, competitive bidding, Inogen, Medicare, Medicare, Oxygen, Oxygen, respiratory therapy

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