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Mary Sand

Smart Talk

Strategic planning: Think beyond the obvious 

June 7, 2022Mary Sand

Q. What do I need to consider for an effective strategic planning session?    A. Once you decide it’s time to conduct strategic planning, there are three questions to ask yourself:    Am I updating an existing plan or starting with a blank slate?  Who are the key stakeholders to include in the planning?  Should I have an external facilitator lead the planning?  If you have a strategic plan that is still relevant, then focus on updates and...

Mary Sand, strategic planning

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Smart Talk

Strategic Planning: Emphasize visibility, agility

May 13, 2020Bill Paul

Q. What are good operation management strategies during challenging times?A. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us take a hard look at how our businesses in the HME industry operate. The operating systems and procedures that had been in place for years have been seriously disrupted. When faced with exceptional events, leaders need to take a hard look at their now. Steering company operations during uncertain times requires an analytical approach with an emphasis on visibility, control and agility.With...

ATLAS-RPM, Bill Paul, strategic planning

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On the Editor's Desk

Take it to the bank

August 27, 2014Liz Beaulieu, Editor

There are three excellent panel discussions at the HME News Business Summit this year (It's Sept. 7-9 at The Marquette Hotel, so there's still time to register!). I touched on these panels in a previous blog. But I wanted to give you a better idea of where we're headed with the panels on partnerships and strategic planning. Where does HME fit in? For the panel on partnerships, we'll have four HME providers talking about how they've been able to further embed themselves in the continuum of care. They're...

HME News Business Summit, Partnerships, strategic planning

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On the Editor's Desk

Rebundling your offerings, wearing suits and moving the needle

July 17, 2014Liz Beaulieu, Editor

I've had great conference calls this week with the moderators and panelists for the three panel discussions at this year's HME News Business Summit. (Shameless plug: It's less than two months away, by the way, so register today!) The topics of the panel discussions are partnership opportunities among healthcare providers, strategic planning and outside investment in HME. I get really amped up for the Summit after these calls. Hearing the panelists chime in on what they plan to talk about during the...

Investment, Partnerships, strategic planning, Summit

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Use strategic planning to prepare for future

March 28, 2014Guest Commentary

What is strategic planning and why do I need it? Strategic planning is an exercise by which you assess current trends and based upon those trends paint a picture of what you believe will be the work environment your company will likely face in the future. You must then take a proactive approach and determine how you will prepare for both positive and negative changes that will emerge.Strategy is a Greek military term that means joining the general with his army to achieve goals. The leader must understand...

strategic planning, Tom Cesar

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On the Editor's Desk

Using data, practicing self-disclosure and asking for help

July 12, 2012Liz Beaulieu, Editor

Each year, we present the results of the HME Financial Benchmarking Survey during a session at the HME News Business Summit led by Rick Glass, president of Steven Richards & Associates. Rick usually has a sidekick. Last year, it was provider Scott Lloyd (thanks again, Scott—great job!). This year, it will be Kathy Rankin, a visiting instructor in the Palumbo Donahue School of Business at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Kathy teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in financial accounting,...

Best Business Advice, Data, HME Financial Benchmarking Survey, HME News Business Summit, strategic planning

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