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Smart Talk

Cybersecurity: Adopt cybersecurity framework

October 13, 2021Jeff Woodham

Q. Should HME providers view cybersecurity as a project or a business process? A. Many organizations that engage in improving their cybersecurity posture fall into the trap of viewing the efforts as a “project” versus a “process.” Treating these activities as a one-time project only provides the organization with a snapshot of the environment. It fails to incorporate business process management techniques that enable ongoing data collection and process improvement. For...

Cybersecurity, Jeff Woodham, Mandry Technology Solutions

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ST Woodham

Smart Talk

Cybersecurity: Think HIPAA and beyond 

September 13, 2021Jeff Woodham

Q. Why is cybersecurity important to HME providers?  A. For HME providers, understanding and acknowledging the importance of cybersecurity is a key component of strategic risk management that can support the sustainability and stability of the organization. Without good practices and controls in place, the organization could face fines; incur economic damage due to ransomware; create reputational damage; or cause harm to patients, employees and the communities they serve.  HME...

Cybersecurity, HIPAA, Jeff Woodham, Mandry Technology Solutions

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Medtrade Show Daily

Cybersecurity and compliance: Big problems for smaller companies

October 22, 2019Liz Beaulieu, Editor

ATLANTA - With most security breaches affecting small- and medium-sized businesses—not the Targets of the world—HME providers can't afford not to prioritize cybersecurity, said speaker Carol Albaugh.Providers are doing business in an environment where health care recently surpassed finance as the industry most targeted by hackers, said Albaugh, a technical solutions consultant at VGM.“It's so rich in the kind of data that hackers are looking to sell on the black market,” she...

Carol Albaugh, Cybersecurity, Kelly Grahovac, Medtrade 2019

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