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Guest Blog

Use 'The Force' to evolve in growing market

March 3, 2016HME News Staff

If you're anything like my family, making a visit to the local cinema to watch the new Star Wars film was a must-do. My three boys were fascinated with the movie and characters, just as the original Star Wars had captured imaginations a generation ago. Based on the enormous box office numbers, it's still a great time to be in the Star Wars business, just as it was when the original movie premiered in 1977. The original Star Wars debut coincided with the beginning of the modern DME business. The Health...

Change, Clint Geffert, Demographics

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Guest Blog

How do you view change?

October 3, 2012HME News Staff

Blockbuster Video got outflanked by competitors who found a way to give customers cheaper, more convenient movie rentals. Reading is thriving, yet bookseller Borders died after narrowly defining its business as physical books sold from stores. Kodak forgot it was selling the preservation of memories, not film. Technology made booking travel easy, squeezing out travel agents who didn't provide value-added insight and trust. These are just a few of the many cases of recent business failures driven...

Change, Demographics, Growth, Home Medical Equipment (HME)

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On the Editor's Desk

Heard at VGM: 'The future looks good. It's just different.'

June 5, 2012Liz Beaulieu, Editor

When The VGM Group says it's helping HME providers get ready for the future at its Heartland Conference this week, it means not only professionally but also personally. VGM kicked off its 11th conference on Tuesday with a rousing presentation by Bryan Dodge, a professional speaker, radio personality and author. Dodge urged providers to live their lives using a golf scorecard, leaving little room for excuses. “The more excuses you let in, the more room there is for failure,”...

Cost, Cuts, Demographics, Heartland Conference, Management, Marketing, Motivational speaker, VGM Group

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