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Marketing: Create engaging platform

Marketing: Create engaging platform Q. How do I create the most engaging content for social media?

A. Social media has become one of the most engaging entertainment platforms, second only to TV. The average person spends two hours on social media daily and wants to consume media. Each platform has a unique value proposition: Facebook—connection and community; Instagram—vivid imagery and video; and LinkedIn—networking professionals, to name a few. While the growing list can seem daunting to new or even seasoned marketers, the following tips span the social media spheres and can be used interchangeably on any platform you wish to engage an audience.

Utilize pictures and video

In HME, it is critical to show people using your product. Much of the customer knowledge gathering revolves around “Is this product worth my money/effort to reimburse?” and “Will this product work for me?” Using intentional picture and video, your product can be shown around people to provide context and functionality. Also, creating rich picture and video content can increase engagement such as likes and shares by 87% and 35%, respectively.

Respond to engagement

The best way to think about social media is a telephone direct to your customers. The quicker you can respond to their questions to move them along their self-discovery process of your product, the quicker you can convert a prospective customer to a consumer. Also, with existing consumers, answering a complaint can increase brand loyalty by 25% while going unanswered can reduce loyalty by 50%.

Tell stories while selling product

Many businesses fear that they don't have enough content to start or maximize on social media. Consider telling the story of your brand, your people, your product, and most importantly, the people that you serve, your customers. Creating an engaging platform where users provide feedback and testimonials is the essence of brand presence on social media. User-provided testimonials provide great engagement results as it's from people “like” those searching for your product.

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