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Resupply: Optimize patient engagement

Resupply: Optimize patient engagement

Q. How do I optimize patient engagement for maximum revenue and retention?

A. Increasing patient engagement results in improved compliance rates and resupply revenue per patient. The question is how to optimize and maintain those levels of engagement and retention.

Omni channel vs. single channel

By studying customer engagement programs from other industries, we learned that the most successful programs utilize an “omni-channel” approach to optimize engagement. This method enhances the standard “one-size-fits-all” approach into a customized outreach campaign that integrates multiple forms of communication to best align with an individual's preference.

The three channels most commonly used for CPAP programs are IVR, live call and texting.


IVR, commonly known as auto-dial, is the most widely used single-channel approach in our industry. Its patient connection rate ranges between 13% to 18%, which is standard for auto-dial campaigns across most industries. Studies have shown that auto-dial is the least preferred form of outreach by patients producing an average of 1.2 to 1.6 resupply orders per patient on an annual basis. Traditionally it has been the least expensive program to implement prior to texting.

Live call

Live call is the preferred form of outreach by patients, resulting in connection rates between 40% to 60%. A successful outreach campaign utilizing live-call produces an annual average of 2.8 to 3.2 resupply orders per patient generating an ROI of 2:1 over IVR. However, implementing a live-call program can have its challenges due to staffing and time management.


Texting is gaining in popularity as a channel that patients prefer and respond to. Program metrics show that of the 50% of patients who opt in for a texting program 68% of them respond.

In the outreach programs HME providers have us design for them, we are finding that the integrated, omni-channel solution utilizing live call and texting is producing the best patient engagement with leading ROI results.

Mark Boardman is the CEO of Sleep Coaches, experts in CPAP program management. You can reach him at [email protected].


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