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Mobius Health taps HRG as content partner 

April 21, 2021HME News Staff

WAUKESHA, Wis. – Health Mobius, which offers a retail portal to connect HME retailers to distributors and manufacturers, has named HRG its content partner to streamline, normalize and increase the consistency of the data presented as part of its eMarketplace solutions. “Our relationship with HRG ensures that our supplier community will have the best possible presentation of their products and solutions,” said Kamal Haddad, Health Mobius...

ecommerce, Health Mobius, HME retail

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E-commerce done right

November 2, 2020Tracy Orzel

CHICAGO - Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in mid-March, pharmacies and HME providers have been rushing to court online shoppers, but just because you build an e-commerce website, doesn't mean they will come, says Kamal Haddad. “As an industry, we can't catch up with e-commerce giants,” said Haddad, CEO of Health Mobius. “Look how hard it's been for Walmart to compete with Amazon and you want to take an independent chain of 30 or 40 stores, and you want him to go up against Amazon?...

Health Mobius, Home Medical Equipment (HME), Kamal Haddad

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Health Mobius sees spike in online shopping

September 23, 2020HME News Staff

CHICAGO - Health Mobius says its online shopping platform has helped hundreds of pharmacies and HME providers nationwide secure new revenue streams during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company estimates that its platform has delivered up to 300% increases in online sales, with some clients going from no online revenues to thousands within one month. “Small businesses and brick-and-mortar retail locations have struggled in response to changing consumer shopping habits in the wake of COVID-19,”...

Coronavirus, Health Mobius, Online shopping, Pandemic

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Smart Talk

Retail sales: Know your Nexus

November 12, 2019Kamal Haddad

Q. I have an e-commerce website; what is my sales tax exposure?A. The general rule used to be you have to collect and remit sales tax in the states you have a physical location or Nexus. What is nexus? It's a connection between how and where you do business in a particular state. It could be a physical office, it could be a remote office, it could be where your sales reps live. But for the most part it was based on where your business had a physical presence, whether it be a location or agents. Unfortunately,...

e-commerce, Health Mobius, Kamal Haddad, sales tax

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Retail: Use the right ingredients

September 30, 2019Kamal Haddad

A. There is a lot of information available in this industry about expanding retail sales of HME products to your patients. You see it in many publications, at Medtrade, at regional or state association meeting as well as manufacturer sponsored events.  While the information provided is useful and accurate when it comes to physical merchandising and sales methodology, It falls short when it comes to addressing the “retail apocalypse” by re-emphasizing tradition retail models. Amazon...

Health Mobius, Kamal Haddad, Retail

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Providers have retail advantages

February 22, 2019John Andrews

LAS VEGAS - Retail opportunities continue to be a major thrust at Medtrade Spring and attendees should pay attention to the advice they get from vendors at this year's show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. It might just give them the wake-up call they need.One of the biggest concerns among independent HME providers seeking retail business is about how to compete with major online retailer Amazon. The powerhouse platform is offering home medical equipment as a part of its massive portfolio and...

Compass Health Brands, Health Mobius, HME retail, Pride Mobility

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Medtrade offers retail-focused education

September 13, 2018HME News Staff

ATLANTA - Medtrade has added a new retail-focused educational offering: The eRetail Experience by Health Mobius. Attendees can choose from two, one-hour sessions each on Tuesday, Oct. 16, and Wednesday, Oct. 17. “Pre-register and attend this session and we will create your e-commerce website, backed with a virtual warehouse containing more than 25,000 cash-sale products from hundreds of manufacturers, and provide a tech team to manage it all,” says Kamal Haddad, CEO of Health Mobius....

e-commerce, Education, Health Mobius, Medtrade, Retail

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Smart Talk

Online Retail: Use reviews to establish authority

April 24, 2017Kamal Haddad

A. Absolutely. There are many reasons why you want to allow your customers to leave reviews based on their interaction with you, both in-store, as well as on your website. First of all, let's distinguish between merchant reviews and product reviews. Product reviews (if you sell products online) is a service you can subscribe to and integrate into your website product catalog. This allows customers who purchase from you to leave a review of the individual item they purchased along with their...

Cash, Customer Service, e-commerce, Health Mobius, Kamal Haddad, Merchant reviews, Product reviews, retail sales, Sales, search engine optimization, SEO, social media

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Smart Talk

Online retail: Avoid feeling duped

March 27, 2017Kamal Haddad

A. The buzz around the HME industry is you must sell retail and you should have an online store so you can sell more items to your patients. While that may be mostly true, I do not think people in this industry are being completely honest with respect to e-commerce, including the investment that is required or the actual return on investment.Of course, companies that build e-commerce websites think you should have one. Their objective is to sell you what they offer. That is how THEY make money. But,...

Health Mobius, Kamal Haddad, Online retail

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Smart Talk

Online Retail: Don't jump at new and great

February 24, 2017Kamal Haddad

A. The short answer to that question is the answer you probably do not want to hear, “It depends.”  The long answer is determined by understanding your business focus and your customer mix. To build a successful retail business you must offer products that complement your current funded products and services. In other words, don't think in general terms about what people are looking to buy. Don't get excited about the next new great retail product at Medtrade. Instead, focus more...

Health Mobius, Incremental sales, Kamal Haddad, retail sales

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